More Fraud Alleged at Tax Sale Casino Properties

Property owner alleges he was never provided notice by Corey Gutierrez even though numerous Court documents state Notice was provided

August 12, 2020-A court filing alleges numerous irregularities at a 2015 tax sale involving properties which ultimately became part of the Gary land based casino footprint. According to documents filed by the Markley Family Trust, they are the owners of property located at 2800 Calhoun Street in Gary, Indiana. The property was purportedly transferred to Corey Gutierrez in a 2015 Commissioner’s Certificate Sale. Gutierrez later transferred the property to Wilkerson Creek Quarry and a sales disclosure was not required for that transfer according to Lake County Recorder documents. A sales disclosure is required in a bonafide sale for value but is not required for transfers in which no money changes hands.

According to the recent filing, Corey Gutierrez not only didn’t provide notice to the Markley Family Trust, the Petition for Tax Deed requested that a Deed be issued to Wilkerson Creek Quarry, LLC and was unsigned. Wilkerson Creek Quarry is owned by Sergio Gutierrez who is an inelegible bidder and the father of Corey Gutierrez.

Gazette readers will recall that Sergio Gutierrez testified in another case that his son purchased HIS properties at tax sale thereby eliminating approximately $100,000 in taxes. (See )\

In the present case, the Lake County Auditor and Auditor’s Attorney should have reviewed all relevant documents for irregularities prior to the issuance of a deed. According to the documents, State and Federal law makes it clear that owners of record are entitled to actual notice prior to the transfer of a tax deed.

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