Without Notice? Did Repay, Tippy and Allen Push Tax Sale Illegally?

Indiana Code provides specific, due process, procedures prior to taking properties for delinquent taxes.

May 19, 2020- As the Lake County Commissioner’s Certificate Sale proceeds online, the Gazette has been unable to find a required legal notice announcing the certificate sale. Yesterday, we contacted the office of Lake County Auditor John Petalas who responded promptly that any information regarding notice could be obtained from County Attorney Matt Fech. Fech has not yet responded to request for comment and we will update this if information is received, however a search of public records did not turn up notice for an online sale on May 18. The last notice published by the County was for an in-person sale on April 8.

After a full day of online auction yesterday, just 300 of over 11,000 properties were offered for bid. At this rate, the sale will take 54 eight hour days to complete. The County offices will be re-opened and proper notice could have been given for an in-person, three day sale by that time.

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  1. The usual Lake County way ! Different rules for different people, depending on their political affiliation.

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