Impotent Transit Group to Convene on Wednesday

Indiana State Reps Hal Slager and Ed Soliday inserted provision to provide communities who do not have a representative on the RDA “to provide information and guidance to the development authority on development within the districts”

May 21, 2018-The RDA Transit Development District Steering Committee will meet on Wednesday May 23 at 11:00 a.m.   The meetings are held in the large conference room at the Purdue Technology Center, 9800 Connecticut Drive, Crown Point, Indiana. The Steering Committee is required to meet under House Bill 1144, a disastrous bill which confiscates local money and provides it to the non-elected Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA). The Steering Committee has no power to direct the manner in which the confiscated money is spent, but can “provide information and guidance” to Don Fesko and the failed RDA.

The meetings may provide some insight into the plans which the RDA has for the region. The RDA is notoriously secretive about the plans which they carry out largely in private while continually cancelling Board meetings. Public Record Requests are met with the staunchest of resistance from the RDA team of attorneys. Indiana Public Access Counselor Luke Britt recently ruled that the RDA failed to respond to a “mundane” public record request.

Indiana Access Counselor Says Fesko-Led RDA Violated Law in Hiding Six-Figure Bonus


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