Treasurer Katona Admits It: She Turns Down Tax Payments so that City Can Acquire Properties

Lake County Treasurer Peggy Holinga-Katona has given payment plan after payment plan on a commercial property in the name of “Irene Holinga Revocable Trust” but fired an employee for accepting a tax payment that kept a Gary resident in her home.

May 7, 2018-In an article in the One Region Times yesterday, Lake County Treasurer Peggy Katona admitted that she instructed an employee to refuse a delinquent tax payment because the City of Gary wanted the property. We have not yet received the memo referred to in the article, however Katona says Attorney John Stanish approved the firing of her opponent Greta Heard because:

Heard obstructed Katona’s attempt last summer to donate to the city of Gary a single-family house built in the 1950s in Gary’s impoverished Aetna section.

The house came to the treasurer’s attention because its owner had fallen more than 18 months behind on property tax payments, giving the county the right to auction it to the public or give it to Gary, which has a collection of derelict properties to offer potential developers.

Let us make that clear. A property is tax delinquent but has not yet gone to tax sale and the Lake County Treasurer admits to conspiring with the City of Gary to refuse a lawful payment from a property owner because the City of Gary wants to offer it to potential developers. The co-conspirators were so adamant in forcing Gary homeowners out of their property that Katona fired Greta Heard because she accepted the payment from the homeowner.

Irene Holinga Trust Property Avoids Tax Sale Repeatedly

Despite working overtime behind the scenes to force Gary residents out of their homes, Katona also works overtime to ensure that a commercial property in Highland does not go to tax sale. A property located at 8501 Kennedy Avenue in Highland in the name of “Irene Holinga Revocable Trust” is currently about $6,000.00 in arrears in taxes. This property would have been eligible for tax sale numerous times if a payment plan had not been offered. Only the Lake County Treasurer can decide to issue a payment plan and issuing a payment plan is in the sole discretion of the Lake County Treasurer with the exception of situations where the taxpayer has defaulted on a payment plan within 5 years. In the case of 8501 Kennedy, the property was offered a payment plan after defaulting on a payment plan in the past.

With the help of The Times, Peggy Katona will likely win the nomination of Democratic voters tomorrow. We thank her for exposing the scheme to obtain tax delinquent properties in Gary and we hope to have much more on this after the primary.


  1. Conspiracy to commit theft. Over $750.00, it’s a felony.

    I’m sure the prosecutor’s office will be all over this as soon as they are advised of it!

  2. Katona is a BIG liar!! Property will go on treasurer tax sale when you are 3 installments behind (May, Nov, May). She can not donate property to a city before going on a treasurer tax sale for the 1st time. Liar!! Commissioner’s do the donating!!

  3. They mess with people’s lives – sometimes turning them inside-out – but it doesn’t count if that person is between them and the next buck they can skim! It’s just another example of how political morality has gone to hell in a hand-basket! So sad!

  4. Not sure what statues she violated, definitely some State and possibly Federal, the woman should be prosecuted.

    Bernie where are you? Bernie’s answer: Don’t upset the apple cart.

  5. My husband and I work and go to school in Gary with other business as well. We drive through. What potential developer? Only city work I see is Broadway in front of IUN. Why isn’t the city tearing down derelict houses like they are supposed to? This woman gets her rocks off on making people homeless. Pure and simple.

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