OPINION: As The Entire State Laughs at Ed Soliday, The One Region Times Comes to His Rescue

Bill Hanna has labeled “resistance” a disease but irrational attachment to legislation may be the real problem.

March 17, 2018-Put the terms “Soliday” and “meltdown” into any search engine and you will see why State Representative Ed Soliday is the laughing stock of the State of Indiana this weekend. The One Region State Rep reportedly had such a meltdown that he was at least part of the reason that important school safety legislation was not passed. Despite that, the One Region Times has a full interview where Soliday praises the Visclosky/Slager Transformation Plan. It really is a symbiotic relationship, a State Rep with a bruised ego to heal and a local editor with an agenda to push.

The real question, however, is what caused the Soliday meltdown? What irrational attachment to legislation could possibly cause a seasoned legislature to engage in “Name calling, unfounded accusations, and awkward threats.” (See https://www.nuvo.net/voices/guest_voices/leppert-statehouse-meltdown-and-the-strength-of-a-gentle-man/article_9b64515a-2923-11e8-9274-4bcd20d67a59.html) Over at Nuvo.net they touch on this question. Soliday was pushing House Bill 1374-the most comprehensive piece of trash legislation passed in the history of the State of Indiana (much more on that later). House Bill 1374 provides more power to virtually any office in the State that has no accountability. The bill is so comprehensive there is no way that anyone voting for it knew what was in it, and that was part of the cause of the meltdown. Nonetheless, faced with a midnight deadline, the Republican leadership came down on the side of the Meltdown Representative and against representative democracy. Isn’t that the way a supermajority is supposed to work?

In the One Region puff piece, Soliday demonstrates that he has no grasp of the facts associated with the Slager/Visclosky Regional Transformation Plan. Soliday states that “the majority of people south of 30 work in Chicago.” Statistics show that only about 10% of Lake County residents work in Chicago and that percentage is most likely lower in South Lake County. Soliday also says that the West Lake Extension will get riders from Dyer to Chicago in 30 minutes. NICTD officials claim the express train will make it from Munster to Chicago in 47 minutes. None of these inaccuracies are questioned by the One Region Times staff.

According to Bill Hanna, resistance is a disease, perhaps he should watch the Statehouse antics a little more closely and he would understand that rational people oppose such behavior.

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  1. I’ll bet Soliday is also believing the cost numbers too. If they think this boondoggle is going to stay what is projected, I have a bridge to sell in Florida. It will run into the 10s of millions over and be millions more for maintenance within a year. Look at the company that repaved Calumet Ave in Dyer. It was just repaved less than 6 months ago and every 5 feet of asphalt has 1/4″, 1/2″ and 1″ cracks. The stripes wore off this winter. That is the kind of “workmanship” we can expect on this unneeded and unwanted train that only a handful of people will use but will annoy the crap out of everyone else.

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