Munster Council Seeks Nominations for RDA Steering Committee

Town Council President listens to resident concerns, opens nomination process to all

August 8, 2017-Munster resident Julie O’Connor reminded Council President on Monday night that he called Hal Slager’s House Bill 1144 a “hot pile of garbage bill.” Council President Simonetto agreed, reiterating that “I wasn’t very pleased with it, I am still not pleased with it but that is me.” The issue arose because Simonetto, in his role as Council President, is not charged with appointing someone to a “steering committee” which was created by Slager’s “hot pile of garbage” House Bill 1144. The steering committee is intended to give a voice to those communities who will have their tax dollars taken by the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority but who do not have a vote on the Board.

Council President Simonetto explained that he originally thought that a Council Member must be appointed and Councillor Mellons was willing to serve. After receiving interest from residents, Simonetto confirmed that a resident could be appointed. Simonetto then opened the application process for seven days. Citiezens who are interested in applying for the position should write to

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