Police Chase Wreaks Havoc on Region After Liquor Store Burglaries

Sue Dahlen contributed to this post

June 19, 2017-After liquor stores in Griffith and Hobart both reported alarms, police from nearly every department in Lake County joined in a pursuit that wound its way through most of Lake County and into Chicago. Police have not yet issued a statement regarding the incident and the information we present to you is from scanner broadcasts. At approximately 4:37 a.m. on June 19, dispatch can be heard telling officers that burglar alarms have gone off at Nick’s Liquors in Hobart and Griffith. Shortly thereafter, a Merrillville officer spots a black Chevrolet Impala with no license plate. The officer attempts to stop the vehicle but the driver refuses to stop. The vehicle proceeds west on Route 30 toward I-65 pursued by Merrillville and Hobart officers.

As the vehicle entered the highway, dispatch advised Indiana State Police of the chase. Gary was advised as the pursuit traveled north toward I-80/94. Gary officers were notified as the vehicle traveled recklessly along I-65 toward that City. An officer caught up to the vehicle near Ridge and determined that it was occupied by “at least 3 or 4 times.” Hammond advised units to stand down unless the pursuit entered the City as the pursuit moved onto Interstate 80/94 heading West toward Chicago. Lake County, Hobart, Merrillville, and Gary police pursued as the vehicle continued westbound on I-80/94.

As the officers continued to pursue the vehicle west on I-80/94 toward Grant Street, dispatch advised that it was a “confirmed burglary” at approximately 4:40 a.m. The vehicle exited I-80/94 and headed south on Calumet at approximately 4:50 a.m. Munster Police were advised of the pursuit at that time. The vehicle turned around and headed northbound as multiple police units exited I-80/94. The vehicle got back on I-80/94 according to the scanner broadcast. Illinois State Police were advised and Indiana officers pursued the vehicle into Illinois. The pursuit continued westbound on I-80/94 to the Dan Ryan Expressway. Illinois State and Chicago Police were notified. Lake County and Hobart Police terminated the pursuit at Stony Island and the Dan Ryan Expressway at approximately 5:00 a.m. Illinois State Police and Chicago Police did not pursue due to their felony pursuit rules. According to the dispatch “Illinois State Police advises they will not engage because it does not meet their requirements for a felony pursuit.” An officer can be heard responding, “Affirmative just contact Chicago and tell them they are heading their way. Good job guys, you did all you could do.”


  1. From my opinion after reading this article. Our area officer’s did their jobs & then some! To me it seems like the fault lies, with IL State Police, Chicago, IL PD & any local jurisdictions for not responding & picking up the pursuit.

  2. Hey Illinois, please keep your trash in your own state. Maybe we can ask Trump to build a wall around us to keep out people from Chicago and the south suburbs.

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