Gary Officer Attacked by Pit Bull During Domestic Violence Call

Sue Dahlen contributed to this report

March 18, 2017-A Gary Officer was treated at the scene by Gary Fire Department personnel early this morning after he was attacked by a pit bull during an investigation regarding a domestic violence call. According to the report from Lt. Thomas Pawlak, officers were dispatched to the 4200 block of Van Buren at approximately 4:00 a.m. after juveniles in a home called 9-1-1 to report their mother was being battered. According to Lt. Pawlak, the home was dark when officers arrived and no one answered the door. Juveniles inside the home then texted 9-1-1 dispatch to tell them that they were in the home, feared for their safety and were not allowed to answer the door. Officers ultimately made contact with a female resident who had blood on her shirt and a swollen eye. The female denied she was being battered and the male would not come out. Officers determined that the female had an Order of Protection against Mario Moody.
Officers determined from conversations with the female that Mario Moody was in the basement of the house.

As officers attempted to get Moody to come out to speak with them, someone set a pit bull dog that had been locked in a bedroom free. Officers fled the residence and the pit bull pushed through a door and pursued them into the front yard of the home. One officer was attacked by the dog and was on the ground with the pit bull attacking him. Fearing for his partner’s safety, the other officer discharged his service weapon fatally wounding the pit bull. The officer that was attacked sustained injuries to his left thigh and buttocks area. He was treated at the scene by Gary Fire Department.

Mario A. Moody was arrested and charged with invasion of privacy.

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