Regional Transformation-West Lake Extension and Transit Oriented Development

On this page we will link to all of our articles on the West Lake Extension and associated projects. We will also link to external articles that are relevant to the plan and may serve as guides as to how the plan will proceed and the impacts it may have on region residents. We hope to include as many of the source documents as possible.

WestLake Extension interlocal recorded 2015 DEC 18
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War on Cars Series:

The War on Cars series is based on comments by Visclosky/RDA consultant Doug Farr. Doug Farr is a leading “urban planner” and is Chair of the Congress for the New Urbanism executive board. As lead architect of the RDA Regional Transformation Plan, his statements and views are illustrative of the desired outcomes of the final project. He has never been shy about saying that the ultimate goal of urban design must be to reduce the use of personal automobiles. In the War on Cars series, we attempt to present a picture of what that means for region jobs, residents and neighborhoods. And, in fact, whether his stated goals will be achieved by his plans.

WAR ON CARS: Visclosky Consultant Says “Hidden Metric” is What $5B Transformation Plan is Really About

WAR ON CARS: Soliday Bill Would Automatically Increase Gas Tax Every Year

Will Visclosky’s War on Cars Parallel War on Coal