Nick Petrovski is listed as the manager of Cave Property, LLC which is the record owner of 9205 Georgia St, Merrillville. The property owes 0ver $265,000 in property taxes and is on the current tax sale.

May 19, 2018-According to Lake County records, a property owned by Cave Property, LLC is on the current tax sale with a delinquency of $266,026.92. Public records from the State of Indiana and Lake County Recorder show that Cave Property, LLC is owned by Lake County Recorder candidate Nick Petrovski. Despite the delinquency dating back years, Petrovski has purchased numerous properties under various limited liability companies at tax sales every year.

After last year’s Commissioner Certificate Sale, the County moved to cancel hundreds of certificates purchased by companies connected to another delinquent bidder, Thomas Wisniewski. The Gazette could find no evidence that any investigation was conducted regarding corporations controlled by Petrovski.

We reached out to Petrovski to ask him if he is the owner of Cave Property, LLC and he responded “I have no comment on that.” Petrovski then said he never heard of The Northwest Indiana Gazette and hung up.

It is unknown at this point who purchased the seriously tax delinquent property but, according to a source, over $200,000 in taxes remain unpaid after the sale. Those taxes will remain a debt of the corporation controlled by Petrovski unless the property is redeemed by paying the full tax plus fees.

The Gazette reported exclusively in 2019 that an insider admitted to a scheme to defraud Lake County taxpayers in sworn testimony in Lake Circuit Court. In that testimony, frequent tax sale purchaser Sergio Gutierrez alleged that Nick Petrovski’s son, Alexander Petrovski, purchased a property at tax, sale wiping out approximately $100,000 in taxes, and that Nick Petrovski then transferred the property back to him for “a sign and some work.” County records show that N.A.S.A. Leasing, Inc later assigned a sign easement on the subject property to Windy City Acquisitions-the company responsible for acquiring land for the Gary land based casino. The agreement was signed by Nick Petrovski on behalf of NASA Leasing, Inc.

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