Hammond School Superintendent Announces New Tax Referendum

Superintendent Scott Miller calmly stated that the Hammond Community School Corp will seek another referendum in 2024.

November 13, 2019-Appearing on WJOB this morning, Hammond schools Superintendent Scott Miller announced that the School Corporation will seek another referendum in 2024. While it was widely suspected that the schools would seek another referendum, this is the first official statement from officials acknowledging that they are preparing to ask taxpayers for more money. Superindentend Miller did not provide details regarding how much the schools would seek and was unavailable via telephone at the time of this article.

The statement came during a conversation about the plan to close Clark and Gavit High Schools and to move 6th graders into elementary schools. According to Miller, that would save the district over $8M per year. The vacant buildings would be sold to the City of Hammond (Clark) and Purdue Northwest (Gavit) according to Superintendent Miller. You can view the full proposal on the School City website by clicking here.

Superintendent Miller acknowledged that at least one current School Board Member had repeatedly stated that Gavit would not be closed. In response to a flyer distributed during the election, Board Member Anna Mamala stated:

The comment was in response to a post from Mayor McDermott, who also stated that the plan to close Gavit was a lie:

Superintendent Miller also stated that the School Corporation was in negotiation with the City of Hammond to purchase a long unused tract of land behind the Civic Center for athletic fields.


  1. I can’t believe this guy has the nerve to even suggest getting more money from taxpayers. We voted with the impression that if we passed the current referendum then no schools would close. In fact in the FAQs the question is asked what happens if the referendum does not passed, the answer was one high school would close and a number of other things would happen. Never was it stated that there was a possibility that not one but 2 schools would close. The superintendent stated a number of times that it was the best choice financially but never even gave a thought to what was best for our kids.

  2. We’ll see. I predict they won’t close any schools until AFTER the 2024 referendum. Jerks, and he can that crack about the “NO” campaign is BS. I thought 2 of the new board members were big supporters of the “NO” campaign.What happened…now that they’re on the board, they follow the leader?

  3. Nobody ever points out the FACT they closed enrollment and used falling enrollment as an excuse to close schools and ask for more tax payer money. The city of Hammond is already in talks with Purdue to buy Gavit? This was planned years ago. The journalist that cover NWI are useless. Why are people afraid of a mayor who can’t even get 10 percent of his city to vote? People are being kept ignorant to advance agendas.

    • Ironically, i just came across the post where the Mayor viciously trashed the Gazette and me personally because I reported almost two years ago that the City was in negotiations to purchase Clark High School. Everyone chose to believe that Clark and Gavit were not closing rather than the sources I had on the inside.

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