Hammond Water Department Website Sends Visitors to Lake County Democratic Party

An official page of the City of Hammond takes visitors to the Lake County Democratic Central Committee page.

November 11, 2019-An official page of the City of Hammond Water Department takes visitors to a page which mirrors that of the Lake County Central Democratic Committee. While the page is not the actual LC Dem page, it appears that the page is a temprorary site which is often created before a page goes live.

Visiting the home page of the water department and clicking on “About Us” at the bottom of the home page takes visitors to the political page. Visitors seeking information regarding board members, meetings or minutes will be directed to the temp page of the Democratic Party rather than to the page containing information regarding the water department. Water Department meetings are among. Those that are not televised and are not widely covered by local media.

Residents can view the Board Members and minutes by clicking on the “About Us” tab at the top of the page when visiting from a computer. Mobile devices are unable to access this feature. We have not spoken with Water Department staff regarding this error and hope that it is corrected shortly after publication of this article.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of 11:30 am on November 12, the error was corrected.

Source code which shows link to “zentempsite” which appears to the temporary page of the Lake County Democratic Central Committie.


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