Mayor McDermott Outlines Plans for Downtown Train Station

“Hammond agreed to pay for a station . . .we can’t start construction until South Shore is up and running.”

May 29, 2019-At a presentation regarding a redevelopment plan for Downtown Hammond last night, Mayor McDermott outlined plans for Hammond residents to construct a train station downtown Hammond.  The proposed station was removed from the South Shore after Mayor McDermott suggested a “gateway” station in Hammond.  Mayor McDermott did not discuss the possible costs of the station, but made it clear that Hammond residents would pay for the construction.  The Mayor stated that construction could not begin until the “South Shore is up and running.”  A downtown Hammond station would mean the 8 mile train would have 5 stops.

The Gateway Station rerouted the train, keeping more construction in Hammond according to Mayor McDermott.  The Gateway Station will allow residents to travel to Chicago or switch trains in Hammond to travel to points east such as the Gary Airport, Michigan City or South Bend.  Prior to Mayor McDermott’s gateway plan, residents would have had to travel downtown to change trains and head east on the route.  Mayor McDermott expressed confidence that the West Lake Extension would be fully funded and construction would begin soon.  “NICTD (operator of the South Shore) is in the process of evaluating and acquiring properties” McDermott explained.



  1. This is ridiculous ! So we get to pay for a handful of riders who are mostly not even from Hammond. Another big white elephant for the taxpayers to subsidize.

  2. No wonder Hammond’s population is declining. McDimwit must be taking lessons from Karen FreeWilly on wasting money. Bicycle paths for a handful of riders, bridges that cars can’t go on,but close a busy road because “there’s not enough interest in keeping it open,too expensive to fix” B.S.

  3. Why did they eliminate the buses so many years ago? I think it would be a much better solution to bring back the buses as the main form of public transportation. We already have the old bus station in the downtown area, not too far from the South Shore Line, and we could get some antique style looking trolley buses to add a little charm to our city. Last thing we need is more trains running through Hammond.

  4. Makes no sense whatsoever. Too many stops. Why would you park in downtown Hammond when you can go north less than a mile and get twice the number of trains going to and from downtown Chicago? Or if you just wanted 1/2 the trains go to 173rd. Putting a station in “Downtown” Hammond is futile. There is no Downtown anymore. And 1/2 of the area serviced is Calumet City. Give up all ye you enter here.

  5. The mayor got rid of the bus system because he called it a duplication of services. Same with our health department, duplication of services. Both were funded through government grants. He might call himself a democrat but his republican roots keep showing.

  6. Follow the money, which is easier said than done when it’s under the table! Keep letting the roads deteriorate then close them, etc. to FORCE people to stop driving because you can’t get there from here! “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” — Adolf Hitler

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