BREAKING: Hammond Police Chase Ends in Fatal Crash

Paul Goddard and Sue Marie contributed to this story.

Photo by Paul Goddard, SVL Media LLC

February 6, 2019-Hammmond Police are being assisted by the Indiana State Police in a crash investigation after a high speed chase resulted in the death of one individual. Neither Hammond Police nor Indiana State Police have issued a statement at this hour. A high speed chase began at approximately 7:00 p.m. tonight near Blaine and 165th Street according to witnesses. The vehicle travelled along 165th Street at a high rate of speed, The driver of the vehicle lost control near the Lyman Avenue bike bridge and the vehicle came to rest upside down in a yard. The driver reportedly was ejected from the vehicle. The Lake County Coroner is on scene. No information regarding the identity of the driver is known at this time.

Hammond Police have issued a statement regarding this incident. This story has been updated Here-Police Say Wanted Man Fled Officers Before Fatal Crash

Photo by Paul Goddard, SVL Media LLC


  1. The chase ‘ended’ at Blaine which runs parrallel to the Monon tracks AKA bike trail. I dont kno where the chase started ??

  2. Prayers and condolences to the drivers family. I can’t understand why one must flee from police and put others in danger as well as themselves. Granted they maybe wanted by police but isn’t being in jail safer than the other possibilites?

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