Alleged Rapist/Home Invasion Suspect Escapes While on ICU Monitoring

Please share this post and call 9-1-1 if you see Elias Costello. Never approach or try to detain a wanted suspect.

Elias Jose Costello. If you see this man call 9-1-1 photo provided

January 30, 2019-Police are searching for an East Chicago man who has been charged in one of Hessville’s most vicious crimes in recent memory. Elias Jose Costello was charged as a result of a home invasion, rape and robbery that occurred in the 3000 block of Crane Place. Police alleged that Costello and three others plotted a home invasion robbery and raped a minor female resident while committing the crime. According to police, the incident was witnessed on the home’s security camera by the victim’s mother. Police charged the minor’s stepsister, Alexis Michelle Lietz, with plotting the crime. According to a probable cause affidavit filed in the case, Lietz admitted to drawing out a map of the residence, showing where the cameras and valuables were, to her boyfriend Elias Costello.

According to Court documents, Elias Jose Costello has two pending cases in the Lake Superior Court. In He posted a cash bond totalling $20,500.00 and was placed on iCU Court Monitoring on December 10, 2018. “As part of his agreement when he began ICU Court Monitoring program Costello agreed to change the battery on his GPS ankle monitor device every day in the morning for two hours.” According to the affidavit filed in the escape case, Costello simply failed to charge the monitor on January 16, 2019 and fled. ICU officials phoned the family who said they had not seen Costello. “An investigator was dispatched to Costello’s listed address at . . . in East Chicago and could not find him.”

Police were notified and charges of escape were added on January 23, 2019. It is not clear why there was a one week delay in the filing of charges.

Costello was due in court on January 15, 2019 but that court date was continued by his attorney John Cantrell. That hearing was rescheduled to February 12, 2019 at 8:45 a.m. A prior hearing which was scheduled for November 20, 2018 was also continued by Attorney Cantrell according to Court records. The matter is being prosecuted by the Special Victim’s Unit of the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office.


  1. I really hope they catch him.Proscute to the fullest.No ankle monitor Let him stay in jail the rest of his life. Only God can judge. But he will get wat he deserves.

  2. After the horrific crimes this loser committed bond should not have been an option.!! Our criminal justice system is below civil standards on cases of this magnatude. Absolutely insane
    He’s probably over the border by now. Hopefully he will never be able appear before the system again. Our thoughts, prayers and regrets goes out to this family who has had to endure this tragedy. Just another failure of the system that should be protecting innocent people.

  3. Attorney Cantrell, how can you sleep at night, knowing that you are a loser with this criminal? Defense Attys like you need to walk away, Because you are useless to the safety of our society.

  4. It’s not a fair statement to say that Attorney John Cantrell caused this man to escape… John was not in charge of babysitting this criminal. John Cantrell is actually an exceptional attorney and may I also say a decent person. This criminal obviously preplanned to escape and decided not to charge his house arrest monitor as promised in the contract that he signed. John would’ve only postponed a court date due to an emergency reported to him by the felon or a request from the felon for whatever his excuse was.

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