Hammond Rescue Efforts Hampered by Cold

January 30, 2019-Hammond Firefighters remain on scene at this hour in the 2700 block of 163rd Place after efforts to locate a possible victim within the home have been hampered by cold.  According to Paul Goddard of SVL Media who has been on scene since early this morning, city crews were attempting to use heavy equipment to remove frozen rubble in order to assist in the search efforts.  That equipment then froze up, prompting fire officials to seek other means to search the ice soaked, burned out, residence.

Hammond fire and rescue crews were called to the 2700 block of 163rd Place at 7:18 a.m. this morning for a call of a structure fire. Upon arrival firefighters found a working fire and learned that a resident was trapped in the blaze. Firefighters braved temperatures of minus 22 degrees according to the National Weather Service.


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