St. John Police Seek Assistance Identifying Individuals Believed to Have Vandalized Shrine of Christ’s Passion

Please share and contact St. John Police Detective Chris Widen at (219) 365-6242 if you can identify any of the individuals. Photos provided

January 25, 2019-St. John Police are asking for assistance from the public in identifying several individuals whom they believe caused approximately $80,000 worth of damage to the Shrine of Christ’s Passion, 10630 Wicker Avenue, St. John. Police provide the photos, which they admit are of poor quality but they are hoping someone will recognize the two individuals nonetheless. Police are asking that you take a close look at the photos to see if you recognize the individuals, their clothing, or have any information about this crime. Any information can be shared with Detective Chris Widen by calling (210)365-6242,

Shrine of Christ’s Passion is a $40M art project containing 40 life-sized bronze figures. The installation is “an interactive half-mile winding pathway that allows you to journey through the passion of Christ as never before” according to their website. You may learn more about the Shrine of Christ’s Passion or support their mission on their website at


  1. Regardless of your beliefs,crimes against property and landmarks should not be tolerated. Help catch them and hold them responsible for their actions.

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