Survey Says Mayors Believe OTHER Mayors Give Too Much in Corporate Welfare

62% of mayors said it would be good if cities could refrain from offering economic incentives.  

January 24, 2019-A survery of 110 US mayors conducted by Boston University in 2018 showed stark differences in the beliefs of Republican and Democrat mayors governed in many areas but showed agreement when it comes to the use of incentives for economic development.  The Menino Survey of Mayors revealed that on overwhelming majority of mayors (84%) belive that “recruiting economic investments with financial incentives is good for the city but that other cities offer too many economic development incentives.”   (emphasis in original)  This was true for both Democrats and Republicans and was one of the few areas of overhwelming agreement revealed in the survey.

Despite the stated belief that financial incentives were good for their cities, 66% of mayors said it would be good for their cities “if mayors commit to refrain from using tax breaks and other financial incentives to compete for employers and investment.”

Notably, the forward to the survey was co-written by Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson.  It is not known if any other Indiana mayors participated in the survey.  Read the full survey below.


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