BREAKING: Hammond School Board Member Resigns

Marilyn Jones has resigned from her position as a Trustee of the School City of Hammond

January 17, 2018-The Gazette has confirmed through a source that Hammond School Trustee Marilyn Jones has resigned from her position effective immediately.  Jones has served on the Board since 2012 when she was selected by Board members to fill the seat of Rebecca Ward who passed after a battle with cancer.  Jones won re-election in 2016 receiving 28% of the vote in a four way battle.  Under Indiana law, current Board members vote to fill any vacancy.  It is not clear what process will be utlized to determine interested and qualified candidates nor when a vote would take place.  If a replacement is not selected within 30 days, Circuit Court Judge Marissa McDermott would appoint the replacement according to Indiana Code and Hammond School Board Policy.



  1. It would be interesting to know Jones resigned. That would be interesting to know. If the school board does not fill the vacancy then a politician, namely the mayors wife, gets to fill it. Sounds politics free don’t it.

  2. The way they filled the vacancy when Becky Ward passed away, they took applications, narrowed down the list, interviewed a handful and then selected Mrs. Jones.

  3. Wonder “why” did Marilyn Jones resign? Anyone know? Health reasons? To be with family? Other? Having Judge McDermott decide the replacement is a positive thing – assuring cooperation for the good of Hammond.

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