UPDATE: Burglary Led to Charges Against Lake Ridge Teacher Aide

December 17, 2018-According to Court documents, a burglary led to the discovery of child pornography in a Lake Ridge Teacher Aide’s home.  According to the sworn affidavit, Scott Porta confided to a friend that he had broken into the home of Lake Ridge Teacher Aide Aaron Saldana on December 12, 2018.  Porta stated that while in the home he discovered a photo album containing “photos of young boys in various stages of undress.”  Porta described the subjects in the photos as “little kids” according to the police affidavit.  In addition to the photo albums, Porta discovered several usb flash drives.  Porta took the flash drives and examined them and determined that they contained pornographic videos of young boys in “sexual positions.”  The friend then reported this information to a principal at Lake Ridge New Tech High School and the School Resource Officer.  Detectives from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department were contacted and an investigation ensued.

On December 15, 2018, Detectives executed a search warrant at Saldana’s residence according to Police.   Police said they found Saldana outside standing over a grill. “Inside the grill | observed charcoal briquettes, ashes appearing to be photograph paper, and remnants of what appeared to be partially melted photograph negatives. Sheriff Martinez Jr. discovered more partially melted negatives in tin can. While we looking through the burnt evidence, Saldana volunteered to Commander Stewart that he was alerted by friend yesterday that they knew who had broken into his house and they were saying things about him “having child pornography” the statement reads.  Detectives then arrested Saldana and transported him to Lake County Jail.

Detectives then viewed the videos on the USB Flash Drive.  According to Police the flash drive contained approximately 25 videos taken from a hidden camera.  “Some of the videos include 2—3 young males in the bathroom. The youngest appears to be 10-12 years old and the oldest appears to be 12—14 years old” the affidavit states.  Saldana also had multiple images of children at Lake Ridge Middle School according to the statement.  Police say the images from the school “do not appear to be overtly sexual.”

Officials have announced a press conference tonight at 5:00 p.m. to address parent concerns regarding the incidents.




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