Law Enforcement, Not Republican Control, is the Answer to Gary Corruption

For years the One Region crew was “doing God’s work” with Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson.  Now that their pay is threatened, they want to take away YOUR right to vote.  We have a functioning system of government in place and we should push for that system to work, not impose martial law.

Bill Hanna praises Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson stating “God has given us the same mission” in a 2016 correspondence.

December 10, 2018-If you think things couldn’t get any worse, think again.  The One Region crew now admits that they have been secretly working with ousted State Representative Hal Slager on a State takeover for some time.  All too often, this is the way government functions in Indiana.

There are those in local government who are foolish enough to believe that the jack-booted thugs are their friends because they have not come for them yet.  Freeman-Wilson certainly must have thought they were her friends when she was flying high in the NIPSCO helicopter and jetting off to Canada with Governor Holcomb and crew.  But friends and missions from God are fickle things, and the ally of the State can quickly become the enemy of the State.

Make no mistake, if the One Region crew can take over Gary, the entire Region will be next.  After all, that is their stated goal-One Region.

Old News, New Headlines

The One Region crew has recently recycled a slew of old stories and presented them as the reason to push for a State takeover of Gary.  The failed airport, the pay-to-play campaign finance scandals and the sheer and utter disregard for public safety by the Freeman-Wilson administration are topics that have been covered since the founding of the Gazette.  Despite all of these issues, the Times chose to endorse Freeman-Wilson and her cronies at every chance.  They have never called out the contracts that each of them has with Lake County.  Most important, they have never, ever called for a real investigation by law enforcement.  With the bully pulpit they maintain, Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter and Sheriff Oscar Martinez could no longer play along with Gary corruption and would have to at least pay lip service to doing “something.”

Let No Good Crisis Go to Waste

After participating in the Gary Corruption, the One Region crew would like to disenfranchise minority voters in Gary.  The plan is to push regionalization by going after the most vulnerable in our society first under the guise of fighting corruption.  In reality, a Times op-ed today points to the real issue:

a Gary city bankruptcy could fiscally harm neighboring municipalities and endanger the state’s AAA credit rating. (See

That’s right . . .it is all about the Visclosky/Holcomb/One Region Train.  Get on Board or Get OUT.  NIPSCO’s Don Babcock has made it clear those are your choices.

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  1. It has been a Democrate city for SO LONG. Its been a corrupt city for SO LONG. It has been the normal functioning way of things for SO LONG. It was a beautiful City at one time. Maybe this continues because of the Mind Set and Perception. The “Get over on the System” thinking…
    They have created a life of self Bondage and are now reaping the their KARMA. This is what happens.
    Get Rid of Pete V and the Democrats that keep people in Welfare conditions…
    You think Pete and his Buddies live there???? I don’t know but I doubt it.

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