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  1. If anyone can share this or knows anything you don’t want to tell even, please just share, maybe it’ll get to them….

    Aiden Moran, I love you so much. I just finished making the slippers you wanted. I miss you. Gizmo and Ziggy are waiting on your bed for you. I can only eat or cook things you like. You’ll always be my baby and I’m trying EVERYTHING to find you. You are a piece of my heart walking around outside of my body. Even if you don’t want to come home, please at least let me know you are safe somehow. I keep thinking about our old matching shoes ‘same like mommy” and the stick and the star store, and Lego Land, random trips to Chicago, chaperoning your field trips with classes of annoying kids, April fool’s salt, spiders on my pillow, roasting each other with that sense of humor I’m taking credit for teaching you. So much more but always love even though I was mad at you.

    Madeline Paugh your family misses that beautiful face. Your sweet personality. Your baby brother needs you. Your mom loves you more than you will ever understand. I miss you and our talks. Your mom can say so much more but in the time I’ve known you, adorable and gentle are the things I most remember.

    To both of you – we are doing everything we can to find you, but even if you don’t want to be found please, I beg you to let us know you’re safe and alive even if you just send a letter or message somehow. We love you and won’t give up.

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