State Police Investigating After Hammond Officers Shoot 15 Yr Old Suspect

Suspect fled police on Hammond bike trail in a vehicle that had been reported stolen.  “The suspect, a fifteen (15) year old male, was injured and transported from the scene to receive medical assistance for a non-life threatening injury.”  Indiana State Police

November 29, 2018-A 15 year old subject was shot by Hammond Police after he reportedly stole a vehicle and fled down the bike trail near Gavit High School according to information obtained via the scanner and in a report from the Indiana State Police.  The teen is in a Chicago hospital expected to recover according to State Police.  Indiana State Police are investigating pursuant to protocol involving a police involved shooting.

According to information derived from the scanner, police began the pursuit at approximately 8:30 a.m. on November 28.  At 8:32 a.m. police could be heard stating “he is going to go on the bike trail behind YMCA. . . he is on the bike trail, he is going to go east”  Another officer can be heard stating, “we are not chasing anybody on the bike trail.  Have them terminate.”  Another officer responds that officers are not on the bike trail “we are on Southeastern, 175th north” the officer states as the pursuit continues.  The pursuit then headed eastbound on 173rd with several officers following.  Another officer reports that the pursuit is headed southbound on Southeastern from Northcotte.  “He took off again we are southbound Southeastern . . . he is looking for a place to bail.”  Officers then pursued the vehicle northbound on Southeastern to 173rd where the suspect headed west.  Officers then pursued the suspect west on 175th.  The pursuit then travelled across Calumet Avenue where the suspect turned south onto Madison.  Officers then stated they were on 176th and Jefferson.  Shortly thereafter officers could be heard stating “the suspect appears to be hit.”  EMS and fire personnel were summoned to the scene.

According to a statement from the Indiana State Police,  Field Investigations, and Crime Scene Investigators were called to investigate an officer involved shooting in the 7600 block of Jefferson St., Hammond, Indiana.  Preliminary information indicates that officers with the Hammond Police Department discharged their duty weapons at the conclusion of a pursuit involving a vehicle that was reported stolen.  The suspect, a fifteen (15) year old male, was injured and transported from the scene to receive medical assistance for a non-life threatening injury.  Uniformed personnel from the Indiana State Police –District 13, along with members of the Hammond Police Department, assisted with scene management and a crash investigation.

The following information, while not pertinent to the on-going investigation, may answer some immediate questions that are often asked by the media:

  • The 15 year old suspect alleged to have stolen the vehicle is an African American male and his name will not be released since he is a juvenile
  • The officers involved in this incident were two African American males and one Hispanic male

All criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.  A criminal charge is not evidence of guilt.




  1. Of course he’s innocent and the police didn’t have to shoot him. Well he didn’t have to steal a car. He didn’t have to run from police. He didn’t have to try running over a officer.

      • Mirabi there are unconfirmed reports that he tried to run over a police officer. I listened to the scanner and did not hear this and it was not in the press releases I got. The investigation is ongoing and the camera footage will be released. We reported what we could confirm at this point. Thank you for reading the Gazette.

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