On Eve of Tight Election, Hammond School Corp Sends Out Mailers

Taxpayer funded mailers went to all Hammond residents, not just parents and prominently featured names of current school board members just 4 days before hotly contested election

November 1, 2018-Hammond residents received a mailer today from the School City of Hammond which prominently featured the names of 3 school board candidates who face off in a contested election on Tuesday. Tuesday’s election has become hotly contested as challengers Tiffany Ross, Mary Ellen Slazyk, Carlotta Blake-King and Manuel Candelaria, Jr have all been working hard to unseat current Board members. Ironically, the lack of communication and transparency are a key issue in the race.

Meanwhile the Lake County Board of Elections and Voter Registration has refused to hear a campaign violation complaint from last year’s referendum. In August, Hammond Republican Party Chair Charlie Kallas filed a request for investigation alleging that “information that has been either provided or open to public record indicates taxpayer funds and resources were used in advocating for the school referendum.”

In addition to the allegations regarding campaign finance violations, Hammond resident Paul Buck recently circulated a petition calling for a federal investigation into ghost payrolling, nepotism and other activities which he alleged may be unlawful by the long-time board members. We hope to have an update on that tomorrow.

The mailing includes articles by Heather Paskis, who was recently promoted and is related to Board Member Deborah White as well as Christine Clarahan who has been a frequent critic of opponents of the current Board on social media. The mailer also announces the “Strategic Planning” process but the Board has still refused to provide names of the individuals on the secret committee or their stated mission despite requests to do so. According to the taxpayer funded mailing, “a committee of educators, parents, board members and community leaders has been asked to participate and develop a strategic (sic). . .The goal is to look at how to develop a plan that most effectively utilized (sic) School City of Hammond data resources.”

If you are an employee of the Hammond School Corporation and you have information regarding fraud, waste or abuse you should submit that information to the Indiana State Board of Accounts via their website at:

State Board of Accounts Website-https://www.in.gov/sboa/4466.htm

The page will say “Cities” but you can scroll down to “Submit Information”

Employees are protected from retaliation by Indiana Law regarding information submitted to Indiana State Board of Accounts.


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