President Obama to Stump for Donnelly in Gary

former President Obama to visit Gary

WHEN: Sunday, November 4, doors open at 12 p.m. CST
WHERE: Gary Genesis Center, 1 Genesis Center Plaza, Gary, IN • 46402
TICKETS: Fill out form and pick up at a location below

October 31, 2018-Gary’s Genesis Center Convention Facility will take the national spotlight on Sunday as former President Barack Obama visits the region for a “Get out the Vote” rally. President Obama is on a national tour promoting Democratic candidates in tight house and Senate races. Indiana is just one of 6 states listed as “toss-up” by Real Clear Politics, a website that tracks and compiles polling data. Donnelly trails in the last two polls after leading prior to the Kavanaugh hearings. The most recent poll, conducted for CBS News/YouGov, puts challenger Mike Braun ahead by 3 percentage points which is within the margin of error. Polls generally have a margin of error of plus or minus 3 points, meaning the race is a statistical tie.

Former Vice-President Joe Biden held a rally in Hammond that was sparsely attended on October 12, 2018. Challenger Mike Braun has climbed in the polls since that time.

The rally is free and you can get tickets at The Indiana Democrats Get out the Vote Page-

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  1. Sad, Obama’s appeal appears to be only in large metro areas.

    Do we forget the scandals under his watch?
    Fast & Furious
    Discrimination against conservative 501c3’s.
    Stimulus, shovel ready program.
    Eric Holder held in Contempt of Congress (related to Fast & Furious)
    Obama Care, you can keep your health care provider (tens of millions of Americans became part time employees due to 32 hours a week work limitation)
    Syping on journalist
    Hillary Clinton’s server & resulting cover up.
    Pigford Scandal
    NSA Syping Scandal
    Bowe Bergdahl
    Iran’s Nuclear deal & cash payment
    Polluting the Colorado River
    GSA Scandal
    VA Death scandal
    Solyndra (millions given to energy company which filed bankruptcy 6 months later)
    Secret Service scandals
    Implanting a series of Spies into the Trump Campaign.

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