BREAKING: Car Flies Off of US 30 Into Chuck E. Cheese Parking Lot

October 27, 2018-Earlier today a vehicle travelling on US 30 westbound travelled over the grassy divider separating the roadway from parking lots and struck multiple cars at Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, 2961 E. 80th Avenue.  Police have not issued a statement on the incident and it is unknown at this time if any injuries were sustained.  The majority of the vehicles were parked at the time of the incident.

Reader submitted photos:


  1. The driver of the vehicle that crashed into all the cars appeared to have hit someone else on 30 first and then he took off flying down the side of the road at an extremely high rate of speed, lost control by Chuck E Cheese and hit all those cars, flipped over a few times landing in the ditch. The driver was injured and had to be extradited from the car and taken to the hospital. No one from the other cars was injured thankfully.

  2. Before you criticize the Merrillville Police for not providing you information you might want to check your map. This accident occurred in the City of Hobart Police Department jurisdiction.

  3. I was standing in front of BC Osakas in the last row of the lot and heard full throttle and looked up as I seen the SUV blow 2 of his tires when he was doing at least 80mph then the other 2 blew right before he flew into the parking lot

  4. Keep Me Updates if They Transported To Area Hospitals or Airlifted To Chicago or South Bend Area Trauma Centers By Helicopters Like UCAN Medflight Lutheran Air Lifestar Superior Air

    Mike Thorn
    Honorary Fire-EMS Chief
    Portage Fire Department

  5. The man driving the car was in his 70’s and had a seizure which caused him to hit 2 cars on 30 and proceed at a high rate of speed into the Chuck E Cheese parking lot before his car came to a stop.

  6. The car was doing about 65mph right next to me and my husband when all of a sudden it was like his engine went full throttle. He dodged the cars stopped in front of him by swirving into our lane almost into us then smashed into the a silver scion in front of us. That was right before the light in front of speedway. He took off still at full throttle through the right turn lane to go around traffic it seemed and hit about 9 different cars in the chuckee cheese parking lot before flipping and becoming trapped in his vehicle. It was horriffic. He was trapped but not seriously hurt.

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