After Another Scathing Audit by the State, Peggy Katona has found the problem . . . .and it is Peggy Katona

Peggy Katona points the finger squarely at the Lake County Auditor’s office in 2011 .  . .when she was the Auditor


Lake County Treasurer Peggy Katona says 2011 Auditor Peggy Katona is to blame
Source: State Board of Accounts Audit Nos. B51083, p.22 and B40989, p.18

October 26, 2018-If you are sometimes confused by the switching of offices by Lake County elected officials, you can take solace in the fact that Lake County Treasurer Peggy Katona can’t seem to keep her positions straight either.  Katona, the current treasurer, was Lake County Auditor from 2007 until January 1, 2015.  As is customary in Lake County, elected officials skirt constitutional term limits by simply switching offices with other elected officials so Katona became Treasurer (again) in 2015.  After receiving a recent scathing audit report from the State Board of Accounts, Katona put the blame squarely on a change made in the Auditor’s office in 2011.  As you can see below, Katona was the Lake County Auditor during the time of the 2011 Audit:

Lake County Treasurer Peggy Katona has pointed to a decision which was made by Lake County Auditor Peggy Katona in 2011 as the source of all the audit troubles in Lake County.   A corrective action plan resulting from a State Audit generally results in an acknowledgement of the error or a statement as to why the auditor is incorrect.  In the case of Katona’s response, above, you can see that she neither acknowledges the error nor disputes the finding.  Instead she says that she will e-mail the Lake County Auditor to explain how the staff in that office should perform their duties.  This letter was dated September 11, 2018 and, according to sources, no such e-mail has been received as of October 26.

Perhaps next time an elected official comes up against term limits voters should ask whether there is another, more qualified, candidate rather than shuffle around the same names.



  1. They all ran after
    The farmer’s wife (term?)
    She cut off their tails
    With a carving knife
    Did you ever see
    Such a sight in your life
    As three blind mice?

  2. That is why the party lever should not be allowed. Make people THINK about who they are voting in to office. With all the Lake County politicians in jail or under scrutiny don’t you think the people of our county would wise up.

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