O’Rourke Hires Consultant to Shill for School Board, Then Claims to Schedule Candidates Night

Still no word on whether or not O’Rourke paid the students of Hammond hundreds of thousands of dollars he received illegally for years.


Teacher’s Union President Pat O’Rourke has scheduled a forum for school board candidates but has only invited incumbent school board members.

October 11, 2018-Hammond Teacher Federation President Pat O’Rourke has purportedly scheduled a candidate forum for candidates for the Hammond School Board.  The post is being shared on social media by incumbent Board Member Cindy Murphy.  Unfortunately, O’Rourke did not invite all the candidates.  We spoke with Manuel Candelaria, Jr., Mary Ellen Slazyk and Tiffany Ross who  said they were not invited to the event.

O’Rourke is hardly an unbiased moderator.  He collected signatures illegally on school time, on school property for ballot petitions according to several employees who spoke at a recent school board meeting.  Additionally, he recently hired Indianapolis Consultant Robin Winston to work on behalf of his chosen candidates.

Up next:  What was the deal made in executive session that resulted in O’Rourke supporting incumbent candidates?



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