More Double Dipping at Gary School Corporation: Pruitt, Clemmons, Greer Asked to Repay Money

New audit says Former Superintendent Cheryl Pruitt owes $7,195.51, former Public Information Officer Charmella Greer owes $547.00 and former Board Member Antuwan Clemons owes $136.87

Source: Indiana State Board of Accounts Audit B51021, p. 10

October 11, 2018-Two additional former Gary School officials were asked to repay money in a newly released Indiana State Board of Accounts Audit and former Superintendent Cheryl Pruitt was ordered to repay additional funds and audit costs. It is important to note that no charges are pending against Charmella Greer or Antuwan Clemmons and, in fact, charges are unlikely based on this report.

According to Report No. B51021, below, former Public Information Officer Charmella Greer was reimbursed twice for teacher appreciation plaques.  The amount which the Board requested Greer reimburse the school corporation is $547.00 for the duplicate payment.  Board Member Antuwan Clemons was asked to repay $136.87 for meal reimbursement in 2016.  According to the report, Clemons charged the meals to a Corporation credit card even though he received a per diem which would cover the cost of meals.

Cheryl Pruitt has been charged with theft for her role in the double billing of expenses related to a trip to California in 2016.  In the latest report, auditors found that Pruitt was reimbursed for mileage even though she received a $1,000 car allowance to pay the cost of her BMW.  Additionally, Pruitt charged the school account to upgrade a ticket for herself and her daughter for a trip to Beijing, China in 2014.  Pruitt repeatedly stated at public meetings that the school corporation did not pay for her trip to China and that it was paid for by the Government of China.  The Audit did not question the expense for Pruitt’s daughter.  The total cost for the upgraded seating was $358.00.  Additionally, a ticket exchange was made at a cost of $850.00 and the Audit found that charge to be excessive as well:


“Public funds may not be used to pay for personal items or for expenses which do not relate to the functions and purposes of the unit. Any personal expenses paid by the unit may be the personal obligation of the responsible official or employee. (Accounting and Uniform Compliance Guidelines Manual for ExtraCurricular Accounts, Chapter 7)” 

    Indiana State Board of Accounts Audit No. B51021, p. 5<


According to the report, there were an additional $5,412.88 which was charged to credit cards and officials could find no reason for the charge. According to the report, the school corporation did not require receipts to be turned in for credit card purchases and employees would search the internet to determine whether the charges were school related:

“Payments to the credit card accounts were based solely upon the monthly card statements and/or internet inquiries. The internet inquiries would identify the type of expenditure, vendor, date the charge was processed, and the amount charged. For the period examined, original invoices and/or receipts totaling $5,412.88 were not attached to the credit card statements; therefore, we could not determine whether the charges were school related.” Indiana State Board of Accounts Audit No. B51021, p. 6

Cheryl Pruitt has been charged with theft in Lake Superior Court. She is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. No criminal charges have been filed, and no criminal or wrongful activity has implied, by Charmella Greer or Antuwan Clemmons.



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