Lake Central Teacher at Center of Controversy to Retire

Controversy began when a student reported that a community member brought a gun into the Lake Central Auto Shop.

Lake Central vocation arts teacher Dennis Brannock announcement on social media
Lake Central vocation arts teacher Dennis Brannock announcement on social media

October 8, 2018-A drama that began on September 24, 2018 with a community member allegedly bringing a gun into the auto shop at Lake Central High School resulted in the resignation of a popular vocational arts teacher today. According to a social media post, Dennis Brannock, who has taught auto mechanics at Lake Central High School for over 40 years, submitted his letter of resignation today.

School officials issued a statement on September 24 that indicated Brannock failed to report that a community member brought a gun into the auto shop. According to the statement, the incident was reported to school officials only after a student went home and told his parents about the incident.

“I reach out to you to dispel potential misinformation and to provide assurances about student safety in our building. The incident involved a community member coming ‎onto the school campus, exiting his vehicle and approaching an open area of the building where students were present. This individual had a side arm that was visible to those in the area. He returned the gun to his car, then returned to the building to discuss an issue with our teacher. . . For reasons that we still do not understand, the teacher did not notify administration or local police about this incident.” the statement reads.

Students and alumnus quickly organized a group in opposition to what they perceived as the railroading of Mr. Brannock.  On WJOB 1230 AM/ 104.7 FM this morning, two members of this group, Josh Skalka and Kristie Jo Hussey, stated that Mr. Brannock never saw a gun during the entire situation.  According to Team Brannock, a school board member was present during the entire incident.  Mr. Brannock put the class on lockdown as a precaution according to TeamBrannock.  No charges have been filed in the incident and the community member has not been identified.

Lake Central recently renovated the auto shop and eliminated a fenced area that would have prevented a community member from entering the area according to the TeamBrannock representatives.  The area is now unfenced and the shop doors are open to the public, allowing access to the school while students are in session.  According to TeamBrannock, Mr. Brannock and others brought this security vulnerability to the attention of School Board members during the renovation process.

You may watch the video of the WJOB episode with Chuck Pullen and Ken Davidson filling in for JED in the Morning below.  Josh and Kristie call in at the 53:30 point:

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