Hammond Test Scores Plummet

Just 7 out of 190 students tested at Hammond High School passed both math and english portions of statewide test. Among the lowest in the state.

October 4, 2018-Test results for students throughout the State were released yesterday and Hammond schools overall fared much worse than last year. According to the educational website chalkbeat.org, the number of students passing both the math and english test dropped by 3.1% for students in grade 10 and 2.8% for students in grades 3 through 8. High schools students performed particularly poorly in Hammond with just 9.3% passing both math and english. According to figures released by the Indiana Department of Education 899 10th graders were tested throughout the School City of Hammond and just 84 passed the basic skills test required for graduation. According to the IDOE website:

>Reading, writing and math are essential life skills, and students must demonstrate a basic understanding of English/language arts and mathematics as part of the requirements for graduation.


Students must pass the ISTEP grade 10 level, obtain a waiver, or fulfill the requirements of the work readiness waiver according to the IDOE.

Students at the elementary level fared much better than their high school cohorts with an 30% passing both math and english. In 2017 32.8% of students in grades 3-8 passed both the math and english portions of the ISTEP.

Morton teachers Katie Silaj and Lupe Ramirez took the extraordinary step of appearing before the School Board during the testing period to explain the conditions at the school during the testing. According to Ms. Ramirez it was 95 degrees in some classrooms at Morton while testing was taking place. According to Ms. Silaj, the classrooms contained mold and moisture. School Board officials sat silently as the teachers described the classroom conditions which had previously been detailed in a report commissioned by the Board and performed by Schmidt Associates.

You can view the reports on the Indiana Department of Education website-https://www.doe.in.gov/accountability/find-school-and-corporation-data-reports


  1. I guess the City is saving money with College Bound. Horrific grades = no college. It would be nice if College Bound could be used by employee’s children. Yes for those who live in the City but how about those kids who are getting a much better education outside the SCH?

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