BREAKING: Active Shooter at Hobart Wal-Mart

Sue Marie contributed to this report


Police search the area near Joe's Crab Shack after an active shooter incident at the Hobart Wal-Mart
Police search the area near Joe’s Crab Shack after an active shooter incident at the Hobart Wal-Mart

September 30, 2018-A police source has confirmed that there is an active shooter incident at Wal-Mart, 2936 E. 79th Avenue in Hobart.  According to the source, few details are available regarding the incident but multiple police agencies are responding.  Unconfirmed reports state that a child was shot.   Witnesses reported on social media that multiple EMS personnel were staging at the scene.  Emergency personnel went door to door warning nearby residents to stay inside during the incident.

This is a breaking report, we will update you as additional information becomes available.

UPDATE: We are working on a complete update to this story together with witness statements At this time we can tell you that the scene has been cleared and all customers have been released from the store. Witnesses described approximately 20 shots ringing out just before 8:00 p.m. tonight. The shots were fired from the outside into the store according to statements obtained by the Gazette. Two individuals are believed to have been shot and both were transported to local hospitals. It is believed that one of the victims is a young child.

At least two cars could be seen with bullet holes in the parking lot so it is possible that there was crossfire with some shots being fired toward the store while others were fired away from the store. Several shoppers with apparent signs of distress could be seen receiving oxygen and other emergency treatment from EMS personnel in the parking lot. Hobart Police have not yet released a statement on the incident but we will update you as soon as additional information is available.

Additional updates here: UPDATE: Police Seek Info on Person of Interest in Wal-Mart Shooting

Video by Paul Goddard, courtesy of SVL Media, LLC all rights reserved


      • I used to miss the area….but every time I read this kind of ‘stuff’. Sure glad to be gone! Just miss the friends more than the ‘where’.

  1. Think God that my brother wasn’t there he didn’t know what happened cause his best friend he went to school with call him to make sure he is ok. Hope everyone is safe the responders that are there.

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