Hammond Nabs Suspects with “Large Amount of Copper”

“We are certain that these two individuals are the individuals behind the copper wire thefts that have been ravaging our city over the last few months” Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott via social media post


September 29, 2018-Hammond Police arrested two local individuals last night after finding a “large amount of copper” inside a vehicle.  According to a statement issued via social media by Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott “last night, a Hammond In. Police Lieutenant (Roger Cardwell) followed a vehicle that wassuspected to be the culprit behind the copper wire thefts plaguing our Region. After legally pulling the vehicle over, ‬2 Hammond individuals were inside with a large amount of copper wire, recently stolen from a job in Calumet City.”

The copper wire thefts were the subject of several news releases over the past two months.  On August 17, 2018, Hammond Police asked residents to be on the lookout for individuals posing as utility workers and suggested that the individuals may be skilled in electrical work.  The thefts continued and the Gazette learned that three high school football fields had been hit by the thieves.   High school football games were cancelled or moved as a result of the thefts.  Mayor McDermott expressed his frustration with the issue on his weekly radio show vowing to pursue all remedies available to the City when the perpetrators were caught.  The Mayor reiterated his intention to pursue a civil suit to reimburse the taxpayers of Hammond for the thefts in his statement this morning and also called for federal charges:

State Charges are expected to be filed today‬ against these two individuals. We are asking the FBI to intervene and file Federal charges against them‬ as well.

As promised, I will be following these arrests up with civil lawsuits, on behalf of the Hammond residents, against these two individuals to try and recoup the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage these jackasses inflicted upon the residents of Hammond in order to get pennies on the dollar for the stolen copper wire.

Hammond Police are expected to release a statement shortly.  All criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.  A criminal charge is not evidence of guilt.



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  1. The major difference in news between Illinois and Indiana is both report the crime – but it’s Indiana that reports the arrests!

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