Lake Central Teacher Notified of Individual with Gun, Failed to Notify Administration

For reasons that we still do not understand, the teacher did not notify administration or local police about this incident.D  Letter sent to Lake Central parents (emphasis in original)

September 24, 2018-Lake Central administrators notified parents today that a community member brought a gun to school on Friday.  “I reach out to you to dispel potential misinformation and to provide assurances about student safety in our building. The incident involved a community member coming ‎onto the school campus, exiting his vehicle and approaching an open area of the building where students were present. This individual had a side arm that was visible to those in the area. He returned the gun to his car, then returned to the building to discuss an issue with our teacher.”  According to the statement administrators were made aware of the incident after students had left school on Friday.  According to the statement, another student notified a parent who then contacted school officials regarding the incident.  “For reasons that we still do not understand, the teacher did not notify administration or local police about this incident.” the statement reads.  The teacher was not identified and the statement did not suggest what, if any, action would be taken against the teacher.

The statement concludes “We ask that all families discuss with all students the importance of sharing with a trusted adult any time weapons are seen at our schools or any time they feel threatened by the actions of others. “See something, hear something, say something” remains one of our best defenses against threats to school safety. “


  1. I dont get people… this person, i would assume, Carrys a side arm regularly. he got out of his car with it.. someone alerted him he needed to put it away… he complied and proceeded with his business at school. why is this a news story. why is the school even talking about. nothing was done. it happens ever day in indiana. people carry side arms!

    • I do think the issue is with the community member carrying the gun, the issue is with the teacher and other staff NOT notifying the administration.
      It took a student going home to his parents saying, “someone brought a gun to school today…” And probably giving the parents a heart attack. I know as a parent, I would have, if my child told me that.
      The staff and teachers are supposed to follow policies and procedures, as with any other profession. They failed to, and that is what the issue becomes.

  2. agreed ! This is not news. Seems ridiculous to have to INFORM someone of a situation that was not actually a situation at all. Worst is the teacher is probably going to face some sort of repercussion for doing nothing wrong in the first place….

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