Griffith Residents to Vote on Leaving Corrupt Cal Township Tomorrow

“Shall the territory of the Town of Griffith be transferred from Calumet Township to an adjacent township?” to be on ballot during special election Tuesday September 25, 2018

Gary Chief of Staff Dayna Bennett poses for a photo in Aruba

September 24, 2018-After years of legal battles, Griffith residents will finally have the opportunity to vote to rid themselves of the entrenched corruption of Calumet Township. The immediate past two township trustees were convicted of federal corruption charges. In addition, the current trustees mother was convicted along with Dozier Allen. Upon taking office, while former Trustee Mary Elgin’s trial was pending, current Trustee Kimberly Robinson gave herself a raise on her first day in office. According to Department of Local Government Finance records, Trustee Kimberly Robinson earned approximately $95,000 in 2017.

Robinson Kimberly K Lake Calumet Township Trustee $6,999.98 2017
Robinson Kimberly K Lake Calumet Township Trustee $88,000.12 2017

The cost of corruption in Calumet Township is estimated to be $2M this year.    Despite Griffith’s efforts at secession, Trustee Robinson had no problem taking a trip to Aruba in late 2016 with staff members and the Township Attorney.  The trip was purportedly for a conference on communicating with African-American residents and was also attended by Township Attorney and Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson.

Voters will head to their regular polling place between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.   If you are not sure of your voting location, you can go to to check your registration status and voting location.


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