“Reverends in Gary” Worth Another Look as Redevelopment Receives Public Safety Building

September 16, 2018-The Gary Redevelopment Commission now owns that City of Gary Public Safety Complex which houses the police department and City Court.  Based on this, it may be worthwhile for Gary residents to again view the blatant disrespect that Pastor Marion Johnson displays in describing his role in electioneering in Gary.  Marion Johnson is one of 5 members of the Gary Redevelopment Commission but this is who now owns your police station:


  1. I am a Lutheran Pastor in Gary, IN. You DID NOT contact me for this interview, nor did you ask for my input. You wrote a headline that broad brushes EVERY PASTOR in Gary, IN with what these two men are saying. While what they are doing is reprehensible, your violation of the 8th Commandment against those pastors, like myself, who are not a party to this is equally reprehensible.
    There is nothing in Lutheran Confessional teaching that permits this kind of activity, other than that which is done without political direction. helping people to register to vote online, for example, does not involve directing them to register for a particular party. We did that as the deadline approached at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, but we DID NOT suggest the party that a person should register under. I have NEVER solicited ANY politician’s favor. You DID NOT send any of your reporters to either myself or St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church to find out what we think about these activities.
    I would be welcome to discuss this with you or your staff at your convenience. Feel free to contact me, unless slander is your normal activity, that is. If that is the case, the only word that I have for you is simple – REPENT and BELIEVE THE GOSPEL!

    • Pastor Cambpell-it never occurred to me that other pastors may feel that this title or article cast a negative light on them. “Reverends in Gary” is the title of the video and is not intended to reference all reverends in Gary. I have added the quotation marks and I apologize for not having them in the beginning.

    • Hi Del, if you click on the Youtube button at the bottom of the video, that will take you to their Youtube page. Thanks for reading the Gazette.

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