Hammond Schools Lead Levels in Drinking Water Still High After Second Round of Testing

Hammond School Board received report tonight and directed James Burgraff, Director of Building and Grounds, to work to make report publicly available on the school website tomorrow.

September 10, 2018-The Board of Trustees of the School City of Hammond met in special session tonight to officially receive the results of lead testing that was performed by Pekron Consulting of Whiting.  Actual results of testing were not released, but Pekron officials stated under questioning that 44 water stations tested at levels that were near or above 15 parts per billion in the second round of testing.  96 water stations will remain offline for the time being according to the Board.

School officials had previously suggested that the second round of testing would clear the affected water stations.  The initial statement issued by the Board stated “The consultants working with the schools have also noted that the testing was likely skewed since the water pipes were not being used or flushed since June 6, skewing results of testing.”  The second round of testing was done after a flushing the affected fountains but a third round of testing will not be performed after a more thorough flushing.  “We are going to have to come up with an action plan”  School Board President Deborah White stated.  Board members Deborah White, Anna Mamala and George Janiec took turns reading written questions to representatives from Pekron.  Director of Buildings and Grounds James Burgraff was directed to prepare an action plan and have it ready for the Board to ensure testing could be completed by the end of the month.

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