Republican Todd Young Joins Dems to Push Boondoggle Projects

Young, who claims to be a fiscal conservative, signed a letter together with Senator Joe Donnelly and Congressman Peter Visclosky supporting the South Shore’s planned 9 mile West Lake Expansion into Munster.

September 10, 2018-Senator Todd Young, who ran for office on the premise that “The single greatest threat to our nation’s future – to the future we owe to our children – is Washington’s failure to adopt a specific, credible plan to address our rapidly growing national debt”, co-authored a letter with two Democratic members of congress pushing for federal funding for a 9 mile extension of the South Shore commuter transit line that is expected to cost over $1B.  In the letter, Senators Young and Donnelly join Congressman Peter Visclosky in touting the “return of private sector economic dollars” which have been vaguely promised in the Slager/Visclosky regional transformation plan.  According to documents for the un-elected Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority, they plan to spend $700M of local tax money creating the “opportunity” for transit oriented development within 1 mile of existing and proposed rail stations.  In short, Todd Young is pushing a plan to spend $1B so that we can have the opportunity to spend another $1B in the hope that it will bring some “economic development” to the region.

Perhaps the single greatest threat to our nation’s future is politicians like Todd Young who promise fiscal responsibility until their campaign contributors come asking for support.


  1. From the letter above, this part of it is outrageous. It says “…this project will serve our nation as a model to show HOW SUPPORT FROM LOCAL COMMUNITIES and federal transportation infrastructure programs CAN MAXIMIZE THE RETURN OF PRIVATE SECTOR ECONOMIC INVESTMENTS FROM TAXPAYER DOLLARS.” Do you hear this! They are using Your tax dollars for private investment growth! RESCIND THE COUNTY TAX! RIGHT NOW!

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