Train/Vehicle Accident at Ogden Dunes Leaves South Shore Stranded

South Shore passengers await rides from private companies Uber and Lyft after South Shore trains leave them stranded in Hegewisch

Uber and Lyft drivers line up to pick up passengers at the Hegewisch South Shore Station after passengers get stranded. Photo provided by Gazette Reader

August 28, 2018-South Shore operator NICTD announced that all trains were stopped at rush hour today after a train and vehicle collision at Ogden Dunes:

“All train service is currently stopped west of Ogden Dunes due to a train/vehicle collision. Estimated time of delay for all trains is at least 30-60 minutes.”

Despite the accident being at Ogden Dunes, several trains were stopped west of the East Chicago station.  A Gazette reader provided the photo above showing a line of private enterprise Uber and Lyft drivers picking up stranded passengers from the South Shore Hegewisch station.

NICTD announced that all trains are now on the move, approximately 90 minutes late.


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  1. My daughters friends were on that train involved in the collision with a passenger vehicle, about 2 miles from the Ogden station. When the train hit the vehicle, the vehicle burst into flames and the front and underneath of the first train car caught fire.I assume that fire was from the gas in the vehicle that was hit.People were slow evacuating the train, according to my daughters friends, and when they saw the flames they jumped out the window of the train. No one on the train was hurt.

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