Hammond School Board Knew About Heating/AC and Other Building Issues

Hammond School Board received complete building assessment in October, 2017, *and pushed ahead with no-bid contracts approved on a consent agenda.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  An earlier version of this story stated that the results of the building survey were not shared with the public.  The comprehensive facilities assessment was published to the School City of Hammond website on June 30, 2018.  We apologize for the error.  You can view and comment on the Hammond Schools Comprehensive Building Assessment-here http://www.hammond.k12.in.us/building_assessment

Staff comments from the Hammond School comprehensive building evaluation

August 28, 2018-Parents of students at Morton High School and Scott Middle School took to social media in force tonight after students endured two 90+ degree days without air conditioning.  The problem should have been no surprise, however, since Hammond residents paid for a building evaluation which told us that there were problems with the heating and air conditioning systems at Morton other schools.  Unfortunately, the results of that survey were were published on the school website but not presented in public meetings regarding building needs.*.   In all the building assessment pointed to $407M in repairs which are needed simply to make the schools suitable for educational purposes.

In addition to the heating and AC issues, safety was a top priority at nearly every school.  According to nearly every staff comment form, safety was an issue in the schools.  Many schools lack secure entry facilities and do not have enough space for drop off and pick up of students.  None of these issues has been addressed by the current school board.

The next meeting of the Hammond School Board is September 4 at 6:00 p.m. at 41 Williams St.  We encourage you to attend.


  1. Someone needs to take the “power” to make “secret agreements” away from this board – top priority – to be followed by nulling and voiding the contract until further notice and negotiation.

  2. Every student and/or parent should find a way to quit this corrupt school system!
    Maybe that would get the crooks attention…but they’d probably still find a way to steal our money! And taxpayers should attend these meetings as well;it’s YOUR money!

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