Hammond Mayor Thomas M. McDermott Issues Statement Regarding Hammond Schools Water Quality

Source: GoHammond.com

August 29, 2018-The Hammond Water Works Department has reviewed the statement issued by the School City of Hammond reporting that certain fixtures located within certain schools preliminarily tested positive for elevated levels of lead.
In conjunction with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Hammond Water Works Department routinely tests its water purification plant and the entire circulatory system in various locations throughout the City of Hammond. These tests indicate no elevated lead levels in our potable water. If lead levels are, in fact, unsafe within some of the School City’s buildings, the problem stems from internal fixtures and presents no danger to the general public or the customers of the Hammond Water Works who utilize Hammond water.
“I want to assure Hammond residents that our water is safe for drinking and all other uses,” stated Mayor McDermott. “The Hammond Filtration System uses the highest standards for testing and filtration procedures necessary to ensure safe drinking water for our residents and its customers. The matters that have been brought up by the School City of Hammond have to do with fixtures and pipes that exist within their buildings and not within the City of Hammond water system.”


    • It means that the School City of Hammond is it’s own entity. They are responsible for their own budgets and fixing the problem. For all of McDermott’s faults (and there are plenty), he has no responsibility for “the kids” and you taking the opportunity to try and paint it that way is idiocy.

      • Oh… so it is only a School City problem…. there is not enough money in it for Tom to be concerned with Children’s health.

        He has every responsibility for children being safe.

        The vast majority of water lines in the city are 100 years old…. plenty of lead to go around….

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