Hammond Police Seek Resident Input Through Survey

August 21, 2018-The Hammond Police Department is asking residents to complete a short survey which was is being conducted by a training partner.  In a public post on social media, the Hammond Police Department explained:

This is your chance to let the officers of the Hammond Police Department know how they are doing! It will only take a few minutes and will help the police department better serve the community!

You can take the survey by clicking here-https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HammondPD-2018


  1. These DUI roadblocks are getting way out of hand in my opinion. It seems like every month there is one in Hammond. No other city does it as much as Hammond. I understand the need to get intoxicated drivers off the street but I’ve been made late to work 2 times just this year due to sobriety checkpoints. Other than that you guys are doing a good job. Just an idea if you would buy security cameras and give them to Corner houses I think it would help you out tremendously. Grant? I’m in the middle of a block and I’ve helped narcotic gang unit out with my cameras 2 times

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