Hammond Board Picks a Superintendent, Now They Are Deciding When to Tell You

August 21, 2018-According to a source, the School City of Hammond Board of Trustees has made extended an offer of employment to a superintendent candidate.  The source stated that the candidates search was previously narrowed.  None of this information has been shared with the public.  The School Trustees put on a sham of a meeting wherein they shared some general information but did not provide any guidance as to what they were looking for in a candidate.

The source states that the new superintendent of the Hammond Public Schools will be Dr. Todd Cummings.  Dr. Cummings currently serves as director of Human Resources for the South Bend Community School Corporation-a position he has held since June, 2017.  Prior to that he served in various roles within the Fort Wayne Community School Corporation from 2007 to 2017 according to his LinkedIn profile.  Dr. Cummings was Manager, System of Support (Performance) and Compensation in his most recent position with the Fort Wayne Schools.

The new Superintendent will assume the role on January 1, 2019, after the retirement of Dr. Walter Watkins.  Dr. Watkins received an extension on his contract to December 31, 2018 after announcing his retirement earlier this year.  The new Superintendent will take charge as the School Corporation moves into the building phase of the Hammond High School project after voters approved a $110M construction referendum and a $70M operating referendum.


  1. You got that right, Go Away RDA !!! The $70mil kicked in, but just wait until the $110mil kicks in ! This is not the end of the referendums.The SCH needs $400mil more to fix the current schools,including all the recently built ones, so you can expect another referendum to pop up soon. By state law, they can do one every 2 years. Our schools, especially the new ones, are falling apart. Reportedly, according to a community member, the front of Maywood has serious structural issues. At tonight’s school board meeting, a Teacher from Morton relayed the serious mold problem in her classroom and in the bathrooms.The list goes on and on.

  2. The news on this or any Posting Site is
    oo nn ll yy as good as the facts in the post.

    THESE are the FACTS:

    The LRB (Lease Rental Bond) for new HHS

    is NOT $110,000,000
    is NOT $110,000,000
    is NOT $110,000,000

    That is the
    P R I N C I P L E

    Hammond PROPERTY OWNERS must pay


    over 20 yrs to pay off this LRB

    Is there anyone who understands Hammond Property Owners must pay for:

    Principle ?
    Interest ?
    Bond Seller FEES ?
    Other FEES ?

    The HHS LRB is
    NOT $110,000,000

    Verstehen Sie ganz endlich?

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