Hammond Police Seek Assistance in Thefts of Wire From Light Poles

Source: Hammond Police Department Release

August 17, 2018-The Hammond Police Department is seeking the public’s help identifying and locating copper thieves. “Over the last month, thieves have been stealing wire from inside city decorative light poles. We have had more than ten thefts recently. Some of the hardest hit areas have been Robertsdale and North Hammond but incidents have occurred throughout the city.”

Police are asking residents to be alert and call 911 and inform them immediately if someone is working on or near a light pole. “We believe that suspects may be attempting to blend in and posing to be NIPSCO or other utility workers. By calling the 911, police can respond to the scene and verify that the workers are working on the lights legitimately” the statement reads

“911 operators have been informed of the situation and anticipate a higher call volume.”


  1. This type of Activity was occurring on Cline Ave not to long ago and the Wires were Hot . They did get caught before they may of got electrocuted . must be a source that will buy this with no questions asked ..We are the Eyes and Ears for the Police in our Communities Report anything suspicious , Be Safe Don

  2. There are ways to stop this,but the law won’t allow some and the city or NIPSCo won’t spend the money to do others…maybe they just hope the thieves will get electrocuted!

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