Hanna, Freeman-Wilson on a Mission from God “in a place that can be Ungodly”

August 6, 2018-Exclusive correspondence obtained by the Gazette through a Public Records Act request shows that Bill Hanna and Karen Freeman-Wilson believe they are on a mission from God. The correspondence came at the end of the 2016 legislative session and at a time when Hanna secured for the City of Gary a $10M loan from the RDA. The loan came after legislators inserted an intercept provision into the law because Gary had not paid the RDA the $3.5M annual payment due from casino taxes. In the correspondence, Freeman-Wilson initiates the discussion of divine providence by stating “Every session you secure your spot in heaven for practicing God’s tenets in a place that can be ungodly.” The ungodly place that Freeman-Wilson was referring to was apparently the Republican controlled Indiana General Assembly that had just passed the legislation she requested. Hanna, a Republican, did not defend his colleagues downstate,. Instead, Hanna doubled down replying “God has given us the same mission.”

This is not the first time the Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson has made reference to being on a mission from God. In her 2015 State of the Union, Freeman-Wilson stated that she was “anointed” rather than elected Mayor.

See the corresondence below:

kfw_hannacorrespondence1 (1)


  1. There’s definitely NO TRANSPARENCY HERE!
    If God has a plan for this area, he will reveal it in his time.
    It CANNOT AND WILL NOT be forced by the RDA!

  2. If there were some in need of employment ,when their record is bad ,here are places in the same state that is felony friendly.

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