Police Search for Mother After Child Found in Hammond

August 4, 2018-Hammond resident Sushi Staples noticed a child walking alone on Hohman Avenue today and something didn’t seem right. “She was crying and just so distraught walking up and down Hohman and Wildwood by little Caesar’s so I got out and started talking to her” Sushiyana told the Gazette. The child, believed to be about 8 years old, explained that she was at the park with her grandmother and they became separated. Sushi called the Hammond Police who came and took the child. “I gave her a slice of pizza and the police gave her some water” she explained. The child calmed down and said her name was Rashonda. She is 8 years old, African-American and was wearing a lime green shirt with a zebra and pink flowers. provided the name of her mother and grandmother. Police have not yet issued a statement on the issue, but Sushi says the Police contacted Department of Family and Children Services to assist in locating the mother and determining an appropriate course of action.

If you have any information regarding 8 year old Rashonda, please contact the Hammond Police by calling the Lake County Dispatch non-emergency number at 219-660-0000.

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