Governing Magazine: People Living in Cars Rises Sharply in Urban Centers

As Holcomb, Slager and Visclosky grant more power and money to the unelected RDA to push for NWI to be more like dense, urban areas crime and homelessness are issues which we will confront. We suggest the following article from Governing Magazine as an indication of what our leaders have in store for the region.

Highlights of the article:

*Dramatic increases in cost of rent in Seattle, San Francisco and other areas has led to a dramatic increase in “vehicular homelessness”- people who live in their cars.

*Vehicular homelessness is up 46% in Seattle according to a survey conducted by the City.

*It is illegal to live in your car in many cities.

*Seattle cancelled a program after spending $16,800 per car for people living in their cars to park in a safe place.

*Homelessness advocates are calling for more “safe parking” programs.

*Issues with education and social services are not addressed in the article.

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