South Shore Ridership Continues to Decline

Overall ridership was down by 5.1% in June, 2018 vs. June, 2017 according to a report released yesterday

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source: Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District Monthly Ridership Report

July 20, 2018-Ridership on the South Shore line continued a 10 year trend of decline in June 2018. Based on a report from the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District, monthly ridership on the South Shore line fell by 5.1% overall in June despite continued investment of millions of dollars into the rail service. On time performance was 95% according to the report compared to 92.3% in June, 2017. Fare revenue increased despite a 2.2% despite a 2.4% decline in ticket sales. Total revenue was $10,655,099.00. Cost numbers were not released but a ten year report released in 2015 showed expenses increasing at a rate of 36% per year.



  1. Why should people go through the hassle to go Chicago when there are good paying jobs here if you have the education? My youngest who is an Accountant,got a job locally with a Fortune 500 company. The starting pay was $10,000 more than the job offered in Chicago. Not only that, but it would have been a brisk 15 minute walk after the South Shore train stop, to get to the Chicago job. Why go through the hassle and cost of public transportation, and then walking a quarter of an hour through all kinds of weather, when a 30 minute drive in your own vehicle to a job with more pay is the winner ?

    • And you don’t have to pay TWO state income taxes! Best of all,don’t support Chicago’s agenda by spending one dime there.

  2. Hmm? Let’s see:

    Monthly ridership on the South Shore line fell by 5.1% overall in June and fare revenue increased despite a 2.2% despite a 2.4% decline in ticket sales.

    Someone has a hell of a good business plan!

  3. So. If ridership is down, revenue is only $10M and will go down as ridership continues to plummet, why the H3!! are we building a rail South?! How are they going to support this spur? There WILL be maintenance; track repair, car repair, parking lot repair, station repair. How is that going to be paid for? The current SS has many, many miles to it; the spur will only have a few. Do they really think the small amount of ridership will pay for it? Do they think towns like Munster & Dyer will tolerate the run down stations, graffiti, parking lot potholes? I will never use the train. I have no reason or want to go to Chicago and have my wallet drained from Rahm’s taxes. Stupid, stupid, stupid. When they close the tracks, then the town’s will have to deal with the blighted tracks & stations.

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