EXPLOSIVE: Police Say Daughter Involved in Plotting Rape/Burglary Home Invasion

Mother saw incident on home security camera and phoned police

EDITOR’S NOTE:  An earlier version of this article referred to the victim as the sister of Alexis Lietz.  A Gazette reader with knowledge of the incident informed us that they are stepsisters.  We apologize for the error.

July 18, 2018-A violent Hessville home invasion and rape was planned, at least in part, by the rape victims stepsister according to documents filed in Lake Superior Court earlier today.  The unbelievable documents outline a harrowing event which was witnessed by the mother of the victim while she was at work.  According to the sworn affidavit, the mother was at work and received a phone call at approximately 9:43 a.m. from her son who was in the home.  Based on that phone call, she checked the surveillance cameras and saw  the minor child F.H. “laying on the living room couch, face down with her head under pillow and man standing over her with shot gun pointed to the pillow that they covered her head with.”  F.H. told police that she was raped by at least two men.

The minor child described a harrowing incident that lasted 45 minutes.  She said she was sleeping on the couch when a black male “wearing black ski mask with tiny little eye holes approached her with shotgun in his hands.”  according to the affidavit.  Police arrived on scene as the rape and robbery were still taking place and the offenders were still in the home.  Shortly after officers arrived, the victim came running out the front door according to police.

Officers were able to apprehend two of the three suspects almost immediately.  According to information derived from witnesses on scene, and from the scanner, officers engaged in a house by house manhunt for the third subject who was ultimately located nearby.

Alexis Michelle Lietz was found sitting in her vehicle and identified herself to police.  During questioning, police say that Lietz admitted to drawing out a map of the residence, showing where the cameras and valuables were, to her boyfriend Elias Costello according to the Affidavit.  Lietz stated that she needed money for a custody fight.  Elias Costello allegedly recruited Asbury and the juvenile to assist in the armed robbery and rape.

Arrested in the incident were, Nathaniel Jerome Asbury, of East Chicago, Alexis Michelle Lietz of Hammond, Elias Costello of Hammond and an unnamed juvenile.  Asbury and Costello were each charged with one count of rape while armed with a deadly weapon, armed burglary, and criminal confinement with a deadly weapon.  Alexis “Ali” Lietz was charged with burglary armed with a deadly weapon and armed robbery.

All criminal defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.  A criminal charge is not evidence of guilt.


  1. Thanks to the Hammond P.D. for excellent job apprehending these pieces of trash.Now,if there’s a judge that will sentence them to hanging,or at least life without parole we might prevent them from future crimes.

  2. Omygosh, her own sister. I can’t conceive of it. There is no punishment for this heinous crime. You were actually going to watch your boyfriend rape your baby sister. INSTANT KARMA’S A BITCH. HAVE FUN WITH THE LADIES ON “THE BIG HOUSE”.

  3. I Pray They Get What They Deserve & For The Girl Who Set Up Her Own Parents To Get Robbed & The Reason For Her Sister Getting Raped.

  4. Wow I know these kids. I cannot believe they let the devil take over them. This is brutal and evil. Im relieved she didnt have her child. I couldn’t imagine what she would of let happen to her own baby. Prayers to the family. May god be with you.

  5. This first of all is a ridiculous situation to make matters worse the judge has lowered the bail to 8000.00 and the people are pleading not guilty.. when it clearly states it’s all on the surveillance footage that they did it.. I want to formally complain to somebody.. who can I contact

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