BREAKING: Manhunt Underway in Hessville After Report of Shotgun Assault

Hammond Poilce utilize a K-9 Officer to go door to door in Hammond's Hessville section this morning
Hammond Poilce utilize a K-9 Officer to go door to door in Hammond’s Hessville section this morning

Hammond Police have released a statement on this incident. This Story has been updated here. Armed Intruders Invade Hessville Home, Sexually Assault Woman

July 16, 2018-Hammond Police conducted a manhunt in Hessville this afternoon after a report of a man with a shotgun threatening a woman. According to information derived from the scanner, Police were dispatched to the 2900 block of Crane Place at approximately 9:40 a.m. today. A caller reported that a man with a mask was pointing a shotgun at his daughter in the living room. Hammond Police responded and neigbors report that officers conducted a thorough search of the area. The photo, above, was snapped by a Gazette reader who lives in the area. Officers could be seen going door to door searching for a suspect. Witnesses reported seeing a light skinned-white or hispanic male- running through yards. It appears that officers ultimately captured a suspect in the area and the suspect was transported to be medically examined due to injuries from the K-9 assisted apprehension.

This is a breaking report. A report is expected from Hammond Police shortly and we will update this story when that information becomes available.


  1. K9 caught the 2nd in my back yard. Stepped out my front door to go to work locked my door turned and in the yard were officers weapons drawn. I went back in. Saw 1st man jump neighbors fence while k9 unit caught the 2nd i could hear the whaling of 2nd man. By the time i got to the back of my house officers had restrained him facedown in the yard. Thank you hammond police!!! Our block is full of children. Thank you for keeping us safe!

  2. Ahh, to bad, did doggie bite you? Lucky for you the Officer called him off. I may have needed a cup of coffee 1st. STAY OUT OF OUR CITY! CAUSE YOU’LL GET CAUGHT!

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